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Save WBZ 1030

To iHeartMedia Management and WBZ Advertisers:

New Englanders value local news, analysis, and commentary. That’s why, in 1990, when Westinghouse Broadcasting called David Brudnoy’s evening talk show for a syndicated program, WBZ listeners protested until his program was reinstated. In 2009, when CBS Radio did the same thing, listeners fought to successfully bring back Steve LeVeille. Now, iHeartMedia is trying to save money by cutting local voices and programming across the board–and we won’t stand for it.

As common-sense radio listeners, we understand the tough financial choices facing iHeartMedia. However, as loyal WBZ listeners, we are deeply concerned by the recent elimination of overnight host Bradley Jay, 35-year-veteran Deb Lawler, sports anchor Tom Cuddy, and commentator Jon Keller. This trend is consistent with iHeartMedia’s efforts to replace local programming with national content.

With this action, WBZ is no longer the station we have come to rely on and trust. We understand that more elimination of local programming is imminent; unlessiHeartMedia quickly reverses course and reinstates local programming and voices, we will seek other sources for news and programming.

We will also seek alternatives to products and services advertised on WBZ. Our online network, which has mobilized thousands of WBZ listeners before will soon begin spotlighting companies and services that advertise on WBZ to ensure that our subscribers seek alternatives. We urge advertisers to ensure that station management know where you stand by contacting:

Rebecca Hulme (Sales Manager)

Alan Chartrand
(781) 393-7822

Dylan Sprague
(781) 663-2506

Bob Pittman
(212) 377-1100

Scott Hopeck
(212) 549-0970

We, listeners and supporters of WBZ NewsRadio, urge executives at iHeartMedia to take seek alternative measures to satisfy their financial needs that do not involve destroying the integrity of the news station that New Englanders trust. We implore you to reinstate local voices and programming.

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We are New Englanders and WBZ listeners who are concerned about the future of WBZ's local voices and programming.