New Englanders Re-Launch Save WBZ Campaign

BOSTON, MA – On Friday, WBZ listeners relaunched a grassroots effort to restore local programming and trusted voices at WBZ 1030 in Boston.  Earlier this week, iHeartMedia cut ties with several prominent local WBZ voices including 35-year veteran Deb Lawler and overnight host Bradley Jay. The move comes as the media giant attempts to save funds by replacing local content and voices with national programming.

“New Englanders can live without Necco Wafers, Crown Pilot Crackers, and maybe even Tom Brady–but they can’t live without trusted local programming on WBZ,” said Ben Goodman, coordinator of the Save WBZ 1030 campaign.  “WBZ listeners have shown time and time again that they will not stand idly by while corporate media attempts to eliminate local news coverage.”  

Listeners can take action by signing the email petition here.

In addition to Lawler and Jay, iHeartMedia severed ties with political commentator Jon Keller and sports anchor Tom Cuddy.  The online platform at allows listeners to directly contact iHeartMedia decision makers, advertisers, and key community leaders to make clear that New Englanders value local programming and will abandon the station unless iHeartMedia reverses course.

The online network successfully reversed a corporate decision to eliminate local overnight programming on WBZ in 2009 and pressured iHeartMedia to preserve WBZ talent upon acquiring the station in 2017.  In the 1990’s, WBZ listeners successfully rallied to bring David Brudnoy back to the air.


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30 thoughts on “New Englanders Re-Launch Save WBZ Campaign

  • I urge every advertiser out there to boycott not only WBZ 1030 but ALL stations owned by I HAVE NO HEART! This company has no care about Boston and new England. All they care about is their bottom line. If there was another real NEWS station I would switch but WBUR and WGBH are only concerned with NPR. We MUST have and save New Englands new station WBZ. When its gone we have nothing left. I listen all day long while working. Please restore it.

  • Bradley Jay, is a cultural icon in the New England area. Not just through his familiar voice and personality as a radio host but he is also a New Englander at heart. Born & raised here and working his whole life here, he has a deep connection with people who are listeners of WBZ. His program was a beacon in the night with topics that drew us back to our radios when we would’ve otherwise turned elsewhere. His program created a place where you could not only listen but interact. The “live and local” concept of the program gave you a sense of family, friends and community in a technology driven world that tends to separate people instead of bringing them together. Deb Lawler, Tom Cuddy and Jon Keller rounded out the group of familiar voices that brought the listeners back each and every day to listen to a station like WBZ. The loss of these folks from WBZ, driven by a short sight decision by iHeart, has and will continue to drive listeners away from the radio. No one wants to listen to canned syndicated programs that have no relevance to the interests of us listeners or looped newscasts with stale reports already broadcast 6 hours before.
    iHeart, do the right thing, bring these people back. Restore WBZ to the glory it was. Give us a reason to listen to the radio, a reason for the advertisers to buy time, a reason for us all to come back together and build back the community where individuals and businesses benefit each other.

  • let’s focus on one issue at a time. the petition should address the layoff and return of the talented and well respected staff. Mixing the advertising issue in with on-air talent only muddies the waters.

    iHeart doesn’t care where the advertising dollars come from. frankly, I am very sick of hearing Dan and his friends commercials on the air. However, it is not as big a deal to me as the longtime trusted personalities bringing the news, sports etc.

  • We need local voices. For a state as small as Massachusetts is, we are fragmented economically and culturally. We need voices we can relate to, not celebrity crap.

  • I was suprised one night this week when I tuned into WBZ at 1:45am and didin,t hear Bradley J or Morgan White on and in it,s place was the news. I some how knew that there was a change in the air.
    I thought that maybe they couldn,t find a relacement to take the mike but I was a bit curious as to find out if there was any change to the radio station.I am from the Toronto area so the station comes in quite good with a good signal depending the time of season and time.
    I would like to hear BradleyJ and Morgan white again on the radio again. I like their guests and intelligent comments which one doesn,t hear so much now.
    How much Coast to Coast can one hear they seem to have blanket the air space overnight throughout the US and Canada.I want something more real and positive to listen to.
    I thankyou and I have been on radio to in my time…Thanks..

  • Save the Larry Glick rebroadcasts. Save Bradley Jay. Save Mel Simonds and Morgan White! All night old news repeats NO GOOD.

  • It is painfully obvious that none of the iHeartMedia decision makers has ever lived in the WBZ1030 listening area. There has never been a more important and valued station in the northeast for as long as it has been on the air. I have listened to ‘BZ for as long as I can recall, well more then 50 years.
    There are many options today for us to listen to national broadcasts, but there is only one local station really worth listening to: WBZ.
    WBZ needs to stay local. IHeartMedia has terribly miscalculated had many listeners they will lose, as well huge sums of money lost due to the loss of local company advertisements.

  • Apparently the suits have absolutely no idea of a very bad decision they have made!!!!!!!
    Please reconsider…… Bradley Jay was superb as the overnight talk show host as thousands will agree from all over the USA!!!!!

  • I will never buy anything advertised on wbz if this is not resolved. I will also convince everyone I know to boycott the sponsors.

  • If I wanted to hear more coast2coast or religion I could turn the dial. We listen because of Bradley, etc. Please stop this madness.

  • Don’t do it. IHeart radio is not improving their product. Eliminate WBZ and local programming and I will eliminate iHeart app.

  • How dare you! This is OUR local station! These are OUR people! Only AM station I listen to. Will never listen again if you do this!

  • WBZ 24hr broadcast is where we New Englanders go to hear the local names and voices that we’ve trusted for years. If their broadcast is outsourced, you will lose listeners and the trust that the employees of 1030 have built for DECADES! WBZ doesn’t get alot of turnover, because the local broadcasters understand and respect the trust placed on them. In these sad times of “fake news” claims on all political sides, we, here in NE, KNOW we can trust what we hear on WBZ and we KNOW that they KNOW their listeners and their broadcast area. Its NOT a small, backwoods station, it’s a major metropolitan market with a very strong signal. You acquired this station for a reason, don’t let the bean counters destroy this shining beacon.

  • Reinstate Bradley Jay. He brings enjoyment to many and a very calming soul for us folks in the middle of night. Miss him😞

  • WBZ 1030…. IS …. New England …..the unique voices, the news, weather, and talk CAN NOT be replaced or duplicated .

  • I’ve been listening to overnight on BZ since Larry Glick and am extremely disappointed in it’s cancellation. I like others have had my favorites and came to enjoy the majority of the other hosts. Not many shows like this still exist. Dragging out the nation wide syndicated shows and removing the local access is not going to fly with me. I’m now left wondering what’s going on with Glen from Brighton and other regulars. Whomever made this decision certainly has not Listened much or for that matter long. A shame!!!

  • I’m a faithful long time nightly WBZ listener (since 1993). I credit WBZ with helping me recover from my cancer. Recovery can be a lonely road but with WBZ, my faithful companion at my nightside table, I’ve made it to my 81th year.

    I fully understand and appreciate financial situations that may drive certain unpopular decisions, that are driven by the ever present $bottom line$.

    I’m a Canadian and I realize that I am not in a position to support your advertising base. But let me inform you that WBZ has provided me with a strong intellectual base as to what makes Americans tick. For me WBZ is a grass roots dependable educational source.

    Along with creative thinking to address your bottom line problem, put your big boy/girl pants on and realize that your senior base is growing and not dying off.

    I now leave you with my thoughts and hopefully not leave WBZ as I consider
    alternative American radio stations like Pittsburgh.

    Yours Truly
    Margaret Simpson

  • I hated when they hanged the Sunday night format to oldies. While I respected the voices of past hosts, the times have changed and we need to keep up on current issues.

  • Deb Lawler is a trusted, solid news reporter. Her reporting is accurate and fair, essential attributes for a news station especially today.

    Tom Cuddy’s sports reporting is a standout style in a market that craves local sports news. His reporting is always interesting and always clever. Not to be missed. Completely unique.

    Jon Keller’s access to and analysis of Boston politics and politicians is direct and informative delving deeper into issues and motivations. In depth and clear reporting essential to this market.

    Bradley Jay is Boston’s nighttime friend and excellent listener. He is a needed ear for those who have few to talk with and always prepares an interesting show often tempting you away from sleep.

    Please don’t remove these excellent and unique professionals from your station. They are the reason Boston tunes to WBZ 1030 on the dial. You must reconsider.

  • I have signed the petition, but I can still comment (steam is coming out of my ears! but thank you for taking our side on this.
    I liked Ms Lawler as well in the morning. She gave it a personal touch. Truly talented people are golden. I have heard not so great people on BZ.overnight in the past. But Steve Lavelli (chatting sports with some callers) and now Bradley J coming up with questions, which when answered gave a personal insight into the person, and some thought.
    It was a community on his show. He could be a little brusque but I think over time he became more magmanimous. His travel stuff was nice, but mostly he was someone who cared.
    Someone said he said about his firing that he felt bad for people because ‘a lot of them will be alone’.
    Canned news or programming that isn’t from here – you guys did that before, and it was bad – can’t do that.
    Or have star callers you like to hear from.
    This was a comfort to me, going to bed alone where I live alone and under not the best circumstances.
    There is a great range of listeners and even if a lot of us are over 50, is that so terrible (we have a president
    and presidential candidates who are 70!)
    The radio here was wonderful with the choices, and talk and commentary (which I missed, when I was out of state – it’s very nice here).
    It’s wrong for a company to come in and throw out what makes this radio great. They don’t get it.
    You don’t mess with success.
    Good luck, and I will help in any way I can.
    I hope things get restored to the way they were.
    Thank you.
    Speaking for others who like me were deeply affected by these changes.

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