WBZ is Under Attack

Last fall, we mobilized nearly 1,000 WBZ listeners to successfully convince iHeartMedia to honor existing contracts with WBZ’s long-tenured, exceptional talent in order to preserve the station’s integrity as a regional and national news leader.

Late last week, news broke that WBZ’s new management pushed out legendary news anchor Rod Fritz.  Fritz’s departure comes weeks after iHeartMedia filed for bankruptcy, and follows earlier departures of news director Peter Casey and anchor Mary Blake.

Scott Fybush at Northeast Radio Watch reports that part time staffers are seeing their hours significantly reduced–in many cases on weekends leaving a “single reporter out on the streets trying to cover WBZ’s vast listening area.”

We understand that iHeartMedia has to make tough decisions to climb out of its significant financial hole.  But the cuts that WBZ has made so far–and Fybush speculates that more are coming–are already having a very big impact WBZ’s ability to bring us the news and information that we need.

Please join us in adding your name to this new petition, which will automatically e-mail iHeartMedia management and WBZ advertisers.  We have a clear message: iHeartMedia must find other ways in its vast media empire to fill its financial hole, not destroy a critical service on public airwaves that we all depend on.  If they proceed–we will tune out.

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1 thought on “WBZ is Under Attack

  • My car radio had always been set to 1030, that is until iHeartMedia took over. I now find myself tuning to other AM channels.

    If I were an advertiser, I wouldn’t want to work with a failing corporation like iHeartMedia. It is obvious WHY they are failing.

    WBZ WAS an institution in the Boston area with a far reaching signal. My mother used to listen to it every night – FROM FLORIDA!

    Make WBZ the success it once was. Bring back the talent and programming that once made it great.

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