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Late last night, iHeartMedia reached a deal with SAG-AFTRA, the union representing WBZ employees.  Thanks to your support, iHeartMedia will be keeping all of WBZ’s employees on staff through the transition.

While this is incredible news, this is only a short term agreement that will be in effect while the station changes hands.  WBZ employees may need support during the next round of negotiations–and if they do, you’ll hear from us.

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More than 950 WBZ listeners and supporters across the country signed our petition–which sent more than 950 emails to iHeartMedia’s regional leadership, WBZ advertisers, and elected officials.  Tonight, the Boston Globe is crediting our petition as a key part of shutting down iHeartMedia’s initial plan.

WBZ is a special institution that New Englanders–at home or at heart–don’t take for granted.  We’ll be ready to lead this fight again if we have to, and we’ll be counting on you to join in.

Keep listening,

Ben Goodman
Save WBZ 1030

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